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occulticons's Journal

.o.c.c.u.l.t. .i.c.o.n.s.
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IMPORTANT: If you have a brand new LJ account your membership request will be denied.


These are the rules:

  1. Respect the artists terms of use.

  2. If you've borrowed art from another artist say so. Don't expect others to not rip you off if you've ripped others off.

  3. DO NOT HOTLINK! Bandwidth theives suck so don't be one!

  4. This is not the place for faeries, unicorns, other various fuzzy/cutesy things, LOTR, or Jonathon Bowser icons. There are tons of other icon communities where those can be posted. Any post containing those will be removed by a community maintainer. (Humor such as roasted bunnies or fairies rotisserie style are ok)

  5. This is not a general occult discussion area. We are all about occult icons... as in user graphics, not to discuss people who are icons of the occult. ;-)

  6. Use a cut tag for posting banners and for icon posts which contain more than six icons. If the icons are more than 10k in file size be curtious, post a teaser and put the rest behind a cut tag.

  7. It's ok to post a one time advertisment of a related community or personal journal. More than once will be concidered spam and the post removed. No large billboard like graphic ads though, a LJ user or comm tag will suffice.

  8. Use a cut tag for any [NWS] rated images.(Not Work Safe images containing nudity)

By joining the community you agree to abide by these rules.